DNS Bootstrap servers Get connected

DNS Seeds are used by almost all Bitcoin clients to identify a set of nodes to connect to wen starting. Once connected, the nodes exchange addresses of other nodes they are connected to in order to. The seeds are run by volunteers using a multitude of mechanisms to ensure the returned seeds represent a good sample of nodes currently online. Except for bitseed.xf2.org the seeds aim to return nodes that are currently online and reachable. The above plot shows the results from regular bootstrap attempts using the seeds. Seeds are contacted once every minute and the returned nodes are then contacted. The plot represents the average hourly connection success rate for each of the seeds. The closer to 100% the better the seed is.

Response times

Another important metric is the response time of DNS Seeds to queries. The charts below indicate the response times in milliseconds (ms) elapsed between sending the query and receiving a response. Notice that these measurements are from a single location and may differ depending on the client's location.