Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/18

10:13 setpill does bitcoind record the timestamp of when a block was received?
14:23 mmgen Version 0.9.8 of the MMGen wallet released!
14:23 mmgen MMGen: the number one online/offline crypto wallet, key management system and cold-storage solution for the command line.
14:23 mmgen Release notes:
15:46 kanzure
21:39 c4pt hey whats going on?
21:39 c4pt did you guys fix any recent exploits or vulnerabilities with bitcoin?
21:39 c4pt anything problematic?
21:42 c4pt guess ill ask around elsewhere,
21:42 c4pt everyone seems pretty busy here
21:43 c4pt I lost alot of bitcoin,
21:44 c4pt is this a live feed or irc, or a subnet clone version like some endpoints in ml ?
21:44 c4pt *live feed of irc
21:44 c4pt i saw something about a nsa clone of google, so i wasnt sure,
21:45 c4pt the channel shows 200 people here?
21:45 c4pt are all of you devs?
21:47 c4pt working on new improvements?
21:57 c4pt <c4pt> i think ill check on github,.
21:57 c4pt <c4pt> which devs currently are making most of the changes in HEAD?
21:57 c4pt <c4pt> there is a big problem,
21:57 c4pt <c4pt> oh shit wrong channel i thought this way
21:57 c4pt <c4pt> *this was dev
21:58 c4pt who here is managing who makes changes to HEAD for the main wallet?
21:58 c4pt the project was passed off to a small team?
21:59 c4pt who can i contact about making changes in HEAD?
22:16 c4pt i think it may be possible to find other wallet addresses and import them into my local wallet, there is nothing genuinely protecting a private key from import if its discovered by generating a specified set of base 58 addresses
22:17 c4pt by setting an attack vector and scanning through private keys its possible to find exact matches to the pre-generate wallet address generation inside of cores algorithm to generate the wallet sending and receiving addresses
22:19 c4pt sorry i havent slept for a few days i read like 300 pages of a text book
22:20 c4pt similar to password generator using a program like "jtr" or another type of password generator whether it uses dictionary or stdin functions to generate password for wordlists
22:21 c4pt its possible to alter this program for finding base 58 addresses used with the bitcoin wallet's private key to repopulate and import the decoded wallet sending and receiving address
22:22 c4pt i think a way to fix the bitcoin client would be to add the functionality of One-Time-Password , OTP like google-auth, and integrate a QR code into the private key encoding
22:23 c4pt not a QR code for the bitcoin decoded sending and receiving address, but both a QR code for the decoded bitcoin wallet sending and receiving address and the base 58 private key that is used in import,