Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/14

00:30 ap4lmtree hi, bitcoin core is written mostly in c++, right?
06:48 Empact Hey Guys, I've been making contributions in a pretty ad-hoc way but I'm open to suggestions on how to be more helpful. For example, if I take as an impetus to break the circular dependencies (which is one of the categories of work I'm inclined to enjoy), would it be better to:
06:48 Empact 1) defer work until #13228 is merged
06:49 Empact 2) open PRs covering a single dependency per PR
06:49 Empact 3) open a batch-change PR
06:49 Empact I'm inclined to 2)
06:50 Empact Pending an answer, I'll do the work on a local branch.
07:37 dcousens Empact: probably better discussed in #bitcoin-core-dev ?
07:38 Empact dcousens: Fair enough, I'll repost there
13:38 glaksmono Any issue I can be helping with?
13:38 glaksmono I'm currently on fire :)