Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/07

16:37 rsrx how do I mute gribble?
16:43 teward rsrx: "mute" gribble?
16:43 rsrx teward, everytime I join the network gribble pms me
16:43 teward rsrx: the only way to 'mute' gribble is to do a /ignore on Gribble
16:44 rsrx ok
16:44 rsrx i'll do that
16:44 teward the other problem though
16:44 teward is that you have a broken client if i'm seeing your connection logs.
16:44 teward but this is all offtopic for this channel :;p
16:44 rsrx connection logs?
16:45 rsrx if you're talking about ctcp i dont see hows that useful
16:46 teward i'm taking this discussion off-channel because it's not on topic for #bitcoin-dev
16:46 rsrx lol
23:27 jimpo satwo: nLockTime doesn't need to be at the input level because the transaction can either be fully included or not included (I guess only you are using weird sighash flags)
23:27 jimpo and nSequence semantics, as per BIP 68, need to be at the input level because they specify a relative locktime to the corresponding spent output
23:41 satwo That makes sense, thanks jimpo. I think the nSequence being used for RBF signaling threw me off, given that it applies to the entire transaction if only one input signals it.
23:48 jimpo Yes, the RBF flag would make more sense at the transaction layer, but it is on nSequence instead because that was the only place to put it without changing the tx structure.