Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/05

18:33 OS-27110 anyone help me with regtest mode?
18:34 arubi just ask OS-27110
18:34 OS-27110 i have 2 laptops each with an instance of bitcoind running on each
18:34 OS-27110 i created the bitcoin.conf file on both
18:35 OS-27110 both are now running a a service
18:35 OS-27110 however
18:35 OS-27110 i was under the impression both were seperate nodes, but theyre not
18:35 OS-27110 if i generate coins on 1, the other laptop also has the same coins now
18:35 arubi you probably copied wallet.dat over...?
18:36 OS-27110 no , not at all
18:36 arubi well, I'm running regtest with 4 nodes on a single pc here, this doesn't ever happen
18:36 OS-27110 ok
18:36 OS-27110 ill paste my config
18:38 OS-27110
18:39 arubi rpcconnect should only connect to your local node
18:39 arubi not all of them
18:39 OS-27110 ok
18:39 arubi so you're probably sending rpc commands to the remote node
18:39 OS-27110 oh i see
18:39 OS-27110 good shout
18:39 OS-27110 ill be back in a sec
18:39 OS-27110 thanks aruba
18:39 arubi k
18:39 arubi heh
18:39 OS-27110 arubi
18:39 arubi yea
18:40 OS-27110 btw the pass is not the real pass for rpc :)
18:40 arubi oh man, and there I though I'm gonna be regtest rich :P
18:49 OS-27110 arubi, thank you for that. all sorted
18:50 arubi cheers
18:50 OS-27110 how far are you into learning?
18:50 arubi well, the rabbit hole is pretty deep
18:50 OS-27110 tell me about it...
18:51 arubi you'll see. there's always "this other thing" that you have to learn
18:51 OS-27110 are you sniffing packets etc to figure stuff out?
18:51 OS-27110 or what?
18:51 arubi nah, I'm not too interested in the p2p stuff. mostly into the math and bitcoin script
18:51 OS-27110 ok fair enough
18:53 OS-27110 you code also?
18:53 arubi yea a bit. I have my own projects, nothing major
18:53 OS-27110 nice
18:54 arubi if you're interested in p2p things, you can also enable debugging for that in your .conf. might be interesting for you
18:55 OS-27110 very good
18:56 OS-27110 i have the digital signature part understood so far and i am onto the transaction part
18:56 OS-27110 the "there are no coins has me a little perplexed"
18:57 arubi well there are coins, just no balances
18:58 arubi a coin means a transaction output. a coin that is valid to be spent is an unspent transaction output, or just utxo
18:59 OS-27110 i get the unspent output and inputs
18:59 OS-27110 i just watched a video recently where Andreas said after 3 years he finds out there are no coins really
18:59 OS-27110 no idea what hes on about now
18:59 OS-27110 ha
18:59 arubi I guess andreas is wrong :)
19:00 OS-27110 hes a brilliant man. ya ofcourse
19:00 arubi I'll take your word. I never looked into his stuff
19:00 OS-27110 do you have an idea what data gets signed when you are sending an output to someone?
19:00 OS-27110 as in
19:01 arubi see here :
19:01 OS-27110 when you digitally sign something and the other person wants to know you actually own the data
19:01 arubi this is an excellent document
19:01 OS-27110 ive the 2 books he already open here, mastering bitcoin
19:01 OS-27110 does this one go deep?
19:01 arubi close those, open that one :)
19:01 arubi yes
19:02 OS-27110 roger that
19:02 OS-27110 checking
19:02 arubi it's not covering segwit, but once you understand what's there, segwit is really simple
19:04 arubi page 29-34 inclusive
19:04 AndyS2 the bitcoind sourcecode has a coin datastructure/object
19:05 AndyS2 at least some stuff is named like it
19:05 AndyS2 I'm not entirely sure what a coin was again, but I think it was an output
19:05 OS-27110 you been very helpful
19:05 OS-27110 have it open now and it looks great, solid info
19:06 OS-27110 what i want to do is actually create an append only ledger as simply as possible
19:06 OS-27110 im kinda of working backwards by learning how bitcoin works
19:06 AndyS2 when I stumbled upon it, I remember thinking that the naming is off a bit. maybe coin was used to refer to transactions or outputs that the wallet knows about?
19:06 OS-27110 not sure if thats a good idea or not though
19:06 OS-27110 perhaps
19:06 arubi AndyS2, a coin is just an output
19:07 OS-27110 i do know that Andreas said that all the words the engineers used are stupid
19:07 OS-27110 wallet doesn't hold coins
19:07 OS-27110 etc
19:08 arubi a wallet is a database that holds keys and coins, not sure what's stupid about the engineering terms
19:08 OS-27110 he said they should describe what the are
19:08 OS-27110 like desktop behaves like a desktop
19:09 OS-27110 wallet holds no coins
19:09 OS-27110 just keychain
19:09 OS-27110 or something
19:09 arubi it's not just a keychain. you need to know which coins are yours
19:09 OS-27110 its amazing
19:11 OS-27110 i think the wallet listens for what address you have an if it spots that in the blockchain it keeps track of it
19:11 arubi right, not addresses really but scripts
19:11 OS-27110 ok scripts is new to me
19:11 OS-27110 i heard it but never read into it yet
19:11 arubi scriptpubkeys. some of these scripts have address types, some don't
19:11 OS-27110 ok