Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/04

07:22 glaksmono hi all
07:22 glaksmono anyone is around?
07:43 remote hi glaksmono
07:45 glaksmono hi @remote
07:45 glaksmono i'm wondering how did bitcion born from the technical perspective
07:46 glaksmono so after we compile the source code, then what? deploy it to a server?
07:46 glaksmono how does the first few addresses generated and get the BTC's
07:46 glaksmono and how it relates to the miner
23:09 escrowq has anyone here used bitcore-lib or bitcoinjs-lib to make a successful escrow like in bip65 (checklocktimeverify) or bip112 (checksequenceverify). I'm having a difficult time using this with multisig to make a proper escrow, and the idea is just too cool for me to let go of.
23:11 escrowq if there's a better place for me to ask this, I'm happy to go to another channel if this isn't the right one.