Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/05/02

12:17 huma i'm using bitcoin core 0.15.1. 44 hours behind. i sent a transaction 20 minutes ago, which is still not seen on the network. has it not been broadcasted yet? do i have to wait until the client is fully synchronized?
12:28 wumpus huma: it should broadcast, but if you're impatient you could try getting the raw transaction hex (using gettransaction or the GUI) and then submitting it through sendrawtransaction, or or such
12:36 huma wumpus: thank you. how long do i have to wait? is it client related? it's been almost an hour since i sent the transaction
12:40 huma wumpus: ah, there you go. as soon as the client finished synchronizing, it sent the transaction.