Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/04/22

11:46 armid how many tranasctions are actually created in escrow transaction service? And why do we need the middle man to sign transactin first?
19:46 puchu hi
19:46 puchu is there already a sha512 hashed git tree from the sources or what do the Tree-SHA512 comments mean?
19:46 puchu likw Tree-SHA512: defd047de34fb06a31f589e1a4eef68fcae85095cc67b7c8fb434237bb40300d7f3f97e852d3e7226330e26b96943846b7baf6da0cfc79db8d56e9c1f7848ad9
19:57 arubi puchu, commits are pgp signed now,
20:32 puchu arubi: tahnks for the info