Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/04/16

02:52 TheV01d who had the bright idea to reset diff to 1 each 20 mins on testnet ?
03:00 Diablo-D3 heeeheheheheh
06:01 mphj Hi!i have a problem with understanding bitcoin's security. As i know, we can't change bitcoin transactions mainly because of Proof Of Work. but what about making new fake transaction?? if a node tries to add a new fake transaction to other nodes, what would stop it??
06:07 Randolf mphj: There is some information about fake transactions on this web page (search for the word "fake"):
10:18 onetone hello. Can anyone suggest me - is it possible to speed up pool block finding time by running dnsseed node on the same machein?
13:43 plorark hey guys
13:44 plorark I'm trying to build a bitcoin wallet using js/electron using tor network (onion addresses) to connect to peers (and be connected by them)
13:44 plorark Do you know some references for me to read?
13:49 plorark /JOIN bitcoin
13:49 plorark lol