Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/04/07

03:59 dongcarl Are rpccredentials always required for RPC calls from bitcoin-cli? When are they required and when are they not?
05:22 ProfMac For some shop-jig code while I am working through how something works, I want the jig.cpp modules to compile if I change the Makefile, which will happen when I call qmake with a local test parameter. How can I express this in the .pro file that qmake reads?
20:12 highHopes_ Can someone help me with resources to start developing an application having a bitcoin payment system built using Python/Django
20:12 highHopes_ something that scales
20:52 drexl I made this python project to learn how things work under the hood if you want to take a look.
20:52 drexl