Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/04/04

17:31 jkister i am using the 'getaddr' p2p method to get a list of all peers that a typical remote node knows about. can anyone explain how i can predict when the node is done sending me response 'addr' messages? I typically get multiple messages (always two with my test nodes) but dont see anything that sends a message indicating that the node is finished sending me addr messages.
18:00 JackH what is the RCP api call to point bitcoin core to a different than default wallet location?
18:00 JackH or where can I see the reference to how it is done?
18:09 arubi JackH, there's 'walletdir=...' for bitcoind for setting where wallets are saved, but that's not an rpc call
18:10 arubi there's also wallet=.. for bitcoind that can set up multiple wallets each in their own subdir with the given name, that's not rpc either
18:10 arubi then there's -rpcwallet=<name> for bitcoin-cli, telling it which of these wallets it should talk to
18:11 arubi last one is rpc, but you need to first set up wallet=<name> for -rpcwallet=<name> to be useful
18:12 JackH where are the docs for this? I would like to experiment a bit first
18:13 arubi bitcoind --help, bitcoin-cli --help, probably the release notes and there's also the man pages
18:13 JackH try to google for: -rpcwallet=<name>
18:13 JackH haha
18:14 arubi if `bitcoind --help` doesn't do it, try `bitcoind --help -help-debug`
18:14 arubi ddg doesn't return anything interesting for "-rpcwallet=<name>" :)
18:15 JackH I know, I get some kardashian stuff
18:15 arubi oh well you need to remove the '-'
18:15 arubi it tells the search engine to ignore the term really
18:16 arubi but "<name>" is something you should remove too. just try rpcwallet or something
18:17 JackH -rpcwallet=<walletname>
18:17 JackH Send RPC for non-default wallet on RPC server (argument is wallet
18:17 JackH filename in bitcoind directory, required if bitcoind/-Qt runs
18:17 JackH with multiple wallets)
18:17 JackH I found this one, but not how to name wallets
18:17 arubi that's 'wallet=<name>'
18:17 arubi see ^
18:17 arubi not for -cli, but for -qt or bitcoind
18:18 arubi -wallet=<name> on the command line, wallet=<name> in bitcoin.conf
18:18 arubi what are you trying to do though? set a different wallet directory or multiple wallets with different names?
18:23 arubi anyway, even with 'wallet=<name>' there will just be directories with <name> and in each one there is going to be a single wallet.dat
18:33 JackH yep thats fine, I just want to set directories
18:33 JackH or, a directory actually
18:33 JackH name is path?
18:34 arubi no, path is set for walletdir=<path>
18:34 arubi that's a bitcoind\-qt option
18:36 JackH walletdir wont work with bitcoin-qt will it?
18:36 arubi I don't see why not
18:36 JackH or do I just need to start bitcoin-qt with the argument of the location of the wallet?
18:36 arubi yes, set the argument with it
21:50 TyrfingMjolnir How do I compile the bitcoin-cli?
21:50 TyrfingMjolnir I see there is a
21:50 TyrfingMjolnir I can't just do ./configure --help
21:54 TyrfingMjolnir I see it's the build-* files from here: