Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/04/01

16:33 ProfMac I am looking at (bitcoinrpc.cpp) vRPCCommands with the view of being able to add a command during runtime, or at least at link time. I thought I would throw that out and let it percolate while I work on something else for a while. This is in reference to my expt-block1.git mentioned above.
16:46 ProfMac now looking at mapCommands
18:05 ProfMac crossposted update: I am going to make the RPC call table in bitcoin (0.8.1; CRPCTable) extensible. I have added CRPCTTableInsert as a pro-forma place to do this. I am lost in pointers & dereferencers (I am very solidly fluent in the concepts in other languages). Just putting this out there whilest I attend to other business. Will only interest (##c++ && #bitcoin-dev). After a coffee and nap cycle, I'll probably know just h
18:05 ProfMac ow to do it. "git diff 34d62a8" if interested.