Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/30

01:44 ProfMac I want to download about the 1st 10,000 blocks for some lab measurements. I am thinking the place to do the limits is in ProcessMessage. Any thoughts?
15:30 ProfMac I am looking at the source wallet.cpp at ReturnKey and KeepKey. I'm not clear on the concept.
15:53 instagibbs ProfMac, Return, IIRC, means you're not going to use it yet, put it back in the keypool, Keep is you're going to use it, remove it
15:53 instagibbs for example you get a key from the change keypool, but your transaction has no change, so you put it back
15:57 ProfMac Is the assumption that, while it is in the pool, it has *never* been used in a transaction. I now see AddKey(key) in the miner code (waaay back, v0.1.5.cpp)
16:00 ProfMac Hmm CKey.MakeNewKey() dissapeared by 0.8.1
17:10 instagibbs ProfMac, if it sees use in the blockchain it marks it as used and gets rid of it
19:11 SopaXorzTaker Fun fact: "satoshi" is in the BIP39 wordlist
19:12 arubi SopaXorzTaker, in different languages too? :)
19:14 SopaXorzTaker word #1531
19:14 SopaXorzTaker (zero-indexed)
19:14 SopaXorzTaker check yourself
19:15 SopaXorzTaker I don't know whether the other languages contain it
23:47 ProfMac Is there a reference that goes byte by byte through some actual transaction on the blockchain?
23:48 luke-jr it's not hard, you could make one in a few minutes..
23:49 luke-jr
23:50 ProfMac I'm down into the source code of procedures such as getrawtransaction, that seems to have much of what I want.
23:51 ProfMac Oh, your link looks just like what I want. I'll be in deep reading for a while.
23:51 ProfMac (I'ma gonna pick apart Block 1 till I understand each byte ...)
23:59 ProfMac I'm really hoping to feed a home-made transaction into the json decoder in getrawtransaction. I need 1 small magic piece, so I am very close.
23:59 ProfMac ssTx << do_something_magic_here( altBlockCoinbaseData, false);
23:59 ProfMac CTransaction txNew;
23:59 ProfMac ssTx >> txNew;