Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/16

00:29 mlz ok is it a good idea to install bitcoind at root but not to run at root?
00:30 mlz Diablo-D3, you're a bitcoin expert, do you install bitcoin at root?
00:34 Diablo-D3 mlz: no
00:34 Diablo-D3 theres no need to anyhow
00:34 Diablo-D3 it writes to ~/.bitcoin, and the sockets it opens are not below 1024
00:35 Diablo-D3 I also dont install as root, because I do not use distro provided packages
00:35 mlz but if you have two users, just install once and both can run .bitcoin in their home directory
00:35 Diablo-D3 but how you install it doesnt really matter as lon as you can keep it up to date
00:35 mlz hm ok
01:11 dongcarl Has anyone been to one of Jimmy's workshops?
01:20 kallewoof dongcarl: Sorta. He did a stripped down version at Bitcoin Edge Dev++ at Stanford
01:23 dongcarl kallewoof: Ah. Informative?
01:24 kallewoof dongcarl: It's very good, IMO.
01:24 dongcarl kallewoof: Awesome. Gunna sign up for it then
01:25 kallewoof dongcarl: Cool :)
01:25 dongcarl fingers crossed I get in lol