Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/15

07:54 FraJah good mornings
21:47 BlockchainBilly I'm new to bitcoin developing and I'm wondering what the best way to get started is. I've looked for some resources but can't find a good starting point. Lots of noise. I've read a few chapters of Antonopoulos's book but have errors getting libbitcoin working. Anyway I have a few questions.
21:49 BlockchainBilly 1) Do all of the libraries like libbitcoin, pybitcointools, bcoin, etc compile to the "Bitcoin Script" language? 2) If I want to start developing apps should I write them in "Bitcoin Script", or a higher level language like libbitcoin in C++? 3) Does it matter if I use libbitcoin vs pybitcointools? 4) If I wanted to develop Lightning applications as well, would that be a totally different set of libraries?
21:51 Randolf BlockchainBilly: Start here:
21:51 Randolf BlockchainBilly: Also, join the #bitcoin-core-dev channel.
21:52 Randolf That channel is a good one to introduce yourself in.
21:52 Randolf It's also a good one to keep an eye on.
21:52 Randolf The topics are pretty focused there on development issues, Pull Requests, etc.
21:52 Randolf For general Bitcoin chat there's the #bitcoin channel as well.
21:52 Randolf BlockchainBilly: I hope that helps.
21:54 BlockchainBilly Thanks a lot Randolf! I will take a look at those channels and try looking into the github in more detail.
21:56 Randolf You're welcome.
22:54 midnightmagic This channel, thanks to that idiot jgarzik, is essentially dead. Therefore, for all non-specific-bitcoin-core related dev questions, currently the best place to ask appears to be #bitcoin itself.
22:55 Diablo-D3 what did jgarzik do now
23:02 midnightmagic not now. a long time ago. his stupid tantrum is the reason why nobody wastes their time in here anymore, and why -core-dev exists in the first place.
23:03 Diablo-D3 ahh
23:03 Diablo-D3 is it why gmaxwell never comes here anymore too
23:03 Diablo-D3 ?
23:04 midnightmagic he comes in here occasionally.
23:04 midnightmagic just to see if it's come alive while he was gone. it never is.
23:14 Diablo-D3 ahh