Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/13

06:03 FraJah Good morning!
21:55 felizTRBC We have opened a crypto co-working in Barcelona, we focus on boosting adoption, i personally focus on Android Apps, if anyone is interested in programming (independently) in the sun, come and join us. We have nice flats in the center of the city available right away! We are programming test driven with continous integration, we love our codebase more than our girlfriends (if we had any)
21:55 felizTRBC :D
21:55 FraJah I like sun and Spain.
21:57 felizTRBC Thats the first step!
21:59 felizTRBC Actually i am german, we talk english and spanish, but we also have a guy from Amsterdam in the team :)
22:05 Randolf I think it's more important to keep one's girlfriend(s) or wife happy.
22:05 felizTRBC Oh, is that possible at all :D ?
22:06 felizTRBC Keeping my code clean is much easier than making girls happy, i gave up on that challenge...