Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/11

07:24 FraJah good morning!
07:33 Randolf Good morning FraJah.
22:12 ProfMac-2 I want to add a 2nd payout to the coinbase deep inside CreateNewBlock.
22:12 ProfMac-2 txNew.vout[0].scriptPubKey << reservekey.GetReservedKey() << OP_CHECKSIG;
22:12 ProfMac-2 txNew.vout[1].scriptPubKey << "18bLcVkviErQi75zB8X39jZXxHNpSZggdC" << OP_CHECKSIG;
22:38 mlz wondering if Core devs can change Testnet? It's due for a change because there are still miners who would not mine Segwit txs on testnet, this is just too frustrating