Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/08

07:42 FraJah moinings
10:27 TyrfingMjolnir Which function in bitcoin core loads the blockchain?
10:31 esotericnonsense TyrfingMjolnir: main()
10:32 esotericnonsense that's, err, a pretty general question?
13:13 setpill Hey all, I'm trying to set up automated gitian builds using docker, does anyone have experience with gdm85's setup?
13:15 setpill Specifically, I am running into problems with verifying the debian keyring - I can't seem to match it to anything from the official package
13:35 esotericnonsense jredondo: there is no way of knowing that
13:37 jredondo esotericnonsense: thank you man.
13:38 esotericnonsense it would be challenging if not impossible to devise a scheme that would make those timestamps secure anyway
13:38 esotericnonsense consider: if the timestamp isn't signed by the originator of the tx, anyone can just mutate it
13:38 jredondo Yes.
13:39 esotericnonsense if the timestamp is signed, either you have two signatures for the tx or you bloat the size of a tx
13:39 jredondo Yes. Makes sense.
13:39 esotericnonsense and even if the timestamp is signed - what stops the sender from emitting a tx with a timestamp months in the past for example
17:03 setpill devrando1: I'm in the process of setting up automated gitian builds, going through gdm85's scripts and dockerfiles and updating where needed (stretch instead of wheezy, etc)
17:04 setpill Noticed that it checkouts a gitian-builder commit from December 2014, so figured I should update that as well - but the latest release is from 2015. Is master considered stable?
17:06 setpill Ah, just noticed there's a #gitian channel, will move convo there.
17:26 TyrfingMjolnir esotericnonsense: main() is not a function loading the block chain into memory
19:41 esotericnonsense TyrfingMjolnir: are you after ReadBlockFromDisk or something?
19:42 esotericnonsense src/validation.cpp, two functions
19:45 kallewoof esotericnonsense: you *could* check if the timestamp of the block of all inputs are < the supplied timestamp. still makes it possible but puts a cap on it at least.
19:46 esotericnonsense kallewoof: with a 2 hour window or something.
19:47 esotericnonsense tip could be <now+2h> and then me relaying a tx should be able to work with <now>.
19:48 TyrfingMjolnir esotericnonsense: I would like to read the block chain into memory
19:49 TyrfingMjolnir For the purpose of querying
19:50 esotericnonsense TyrfingMjolnir: sure, start from readblockfromdisk then. I thought you basically just meant 'what function does bitcoin' earlier. :P
19:52 TyrfingMjolnir Thanks