Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/06

06:50 esotericnonsense well the problem is that unless it's consensus the miner just rips out that code right.
06:51 esotericnonsense but it's already a thing in some way in mining software. there exists closed source eth miners and stuff that redirect to the developer's pool every now and then to extract a few % (people run them because they are more than that n% better than the next one)
17:35 xyxxy have there been any notable articles or papers published pertaining to a security code review of bitcoin core?
21:10 jredondo Hi all again. How could I know when a just-broadcasted transaction was received by my local node?
21:31 CubicEarths jredondo: a transaction sending to you?
21:32 jredondo No. I'm already listening TXs on ZMQ socket. When a TX comes in I know when it was received by my node, but can't be sure about when it was broadcasted to the net.
21:32 jredondo Makes sense?
21:32 jredondo I would like to know when it was broadcasted.
21:40 jredondo ?