Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/05

08:01 FraJah Good moornings
08:06 ProfMac was GetBlockTemplate intended to be used to support pool mining?
08:09 Randolf Good morning FraJah.
20:52 soxinabox Hi I was wondering something on my walk to the gym today... what is stopping someone from adding in code to the bitcoin mining portion that splits a reward and sends a small piece of that reward to a specified address then mass distributing that wallet?
20:53 soxinabox Let's say that wallet sends 1% of each reward to another address, and 99% to the miner
21:02 ProfMac soxinabox, I have thought on that very question. I think it would be noticed very soon, and the offending details would be loudly mentioned.
21:10 soxinabox ProfMac, I see. So it could be possible then
21:12 ProfMac I think so. I thought about doing it on a special purpose altcoin. I am sure it is technically possible, but probably very hot politically.