Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/02

00:00 ProfMac is there a reference for Boost JSON spirit somewhere?
00:13 ProfMac How do I iterate through a Boost json_spirit array?
05:06 ProfMac Does getblocktemplate require username/password through the RPC port, or is there a public access to it, like there is with stratum?
05:55 luke-jr ProfMac: there isn't with stratum either
06:09 ProfMac Let me rephrase my question. Many stratum pools allow miners to connect using only a bitcoin address, no registration required. Is there a similar connection method available for getblocktemplate?
06:12 FraJah moining
06:22 buZz ProfMac: in bitcoin core? no
06:23 ProfMac Thanks, buZz & luke-jr
13:51 rfish How can I generate segwit addresses from an xpub key in python?
17:19 tyrick How often is the testnet chain reset--or trimmed?
17:19 tyrick seems to be taking a while to sync
20:41 nightlingo hello
20:42 nightlingo do lightweight spv wallets running on mobile phones propagate transactions ?
20:43 nightlingo or are they just selfishly checking only for transactions related to the user's keys?