Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/03/01

03:43 bobbyNeedsHelp_ Hey stoopkid, are you there?
08:18 FraJah meow
23:31 nullifies Hey, I have a project I am working on that requires regtest, but I can't seem to get it working correctly. I am trying to use a cluster to simulate the bitcoin network.
23:32 nullifies I am trying to simulate the Bitcoin Blockchain using regtest for research reasons but am having lots of trouble. I have a beowulf cluster that I am trying to run the simulation on. For some specifics I am trying to rapidly send transactions and generate blocks with specified block times. I am using MPI in C++ with to attempt this. Can anyone suggest a better or more simple way of approaching t
23:36 ProfMac I am generating a doppelganger of a blockchain with blocktimes that fit tighter statistics, so I have been deep into that source code. However, I don't know what regtest is.
23:42 nullifies Im actually trying to do something somewhat similar
23:42 nullifies I am trying to test how different blocktimes affect the network
23:44 nullifies Regtest is just a sort of testnet that allows you to have complete control over the chain. you can semi instantly mine blocks so I am using that to get rid of the randomness of a retargeting algorithm
23:46 ProfMac I set up (multiple) instances of the client in their own directories, and got creative with IPv6 addresses to be sure that only my quarantine network was involved. I also changed the blocktime, interval, and difficulty so that things speeded up.
23:55 buZz woa beowulf? i didnt know ppl still used that
23:55 buZz 1up for retro reasons :)