Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/02/15

02:03 esotericnonsense can anyone recommend a good VPS provider that offers spinning rust? it feels like I should be able to pay say $10-$40 pm range to get a 1TB hdd sitting there for me. bitcoin dev work is a total pain in the arse with ssd providers
02:09 chachasmooth_ does each UTxO P2PKH-script's public key's according private need to sign the raw transaction?
02:09 chachasmooth_ i.e. if I construct a transaction with two UTxO-inputs (both to different addresses), do I need to sign the raw transaction using two private keys?
02:10 esotericnonsense chachasmooth_: yep
02:10 chachasmooth_ esotericnonsense awesome! I finally understood the inner workings of Bitcoin :)
02:10 esotericnonsense chachasmooth_: chachaching
02:10 chachasmooth_ ~ oh yeah ~
05:40 mlz esotericnonsense, hm.. i haven't seen a vps provider that would offer 1TB hdd for that price range
10:33 wumpus esotericnonsense: yes, has some really nice offers
10:34 wumpus esotericnonsense: for the 9E/month dedibox you can choose between can be 1TB harddisk or 120GB SSD
10:35 wumpus I use them and they've been reliable. They even offer FreeBSD as OS option, FWIW.
11:42 drexl Hi. version byte 0x05 maps to P2SH address prefix of '3' but in base58 it maps to '6'. What am i missing?
12:43 mmgen drexl: you're not understanding how Bitcoin's base58 conversion works
12:44 mmgen drexl: the prefix + address is all treated as a large number
12:45 mmgen drexl:
13:17 drexl mmgen do I add the prefix before encoding? if yes how does that guarantee that it will start with '3' ?
14:32 esotericnonsense wumpus: :o that sounds awesome. cheers
15:23 mmgen drexl: it's all explained here:
15:23 mmgen drexl: scroll down to Address Conversion
15:24 mmgen drexl: try it out yourself at the Python prompt and you'll see how the 0x05 prefix yields a '3'
15:26 mmgen drexl: first try it with a hash of all zeroes, and then with a hash of all 'f's
15:28 mmgen drexl: a base58 routine is provided on that page
22:33 kezimo Proposal to devs: Incorporate the bittorent protocol to initial bitcoind syncing to increase download speeds
22:33 kezimo ""1-8" active connections to bitcoin network." Why isn't this "(Bandwith saturating) connections to bitcoin network"
22:36 M1 answered in #bitcoin