Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/02/11

05:18 amansx hey folks, trying to learn bitcoin development, segwit address transactions get stuck even though segwit is enabled with this // Deployment of SegWit (BIP141, BIP143, and BIP147) consensus.vDeployments[Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_SEGWIT].bit = 1; consensus.vDeployments[Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_SEGWIT].nStartTime = Consensus::BIP9Deployment::ALWAYS_ACTIVE; consensus.vDeployments[Consensus::DEPLOYMENT_SEGWIT].
05:18 amansx sorry flooded the chat :(
05:19 amansx any suggestions why?
05:27 amansx however I haven't enabled BIP34
05:27 amansx would that be an issue?
18:46 tyrick_ jonasschnelli, (or anyone) I'm curious to learn how shifting this block prevents a null dereference issue?
18:53 arubi tyrick_, it's moved from ReceiveCoinsDialog::ReceiveCoinsDialog() to ReceiveCoinsDialog::setModel(), expand the collapsed lines
18:54 tyrick_ ughhhh. thx =)
18:55 arubi :)