Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/02/09

07:05 fnb_theory does anyone have experience with zero mq?
07:06 fnb_theory what would cause zero mq to miss a transaction?
07:09 fnb_theory :/
07:09 Randolf Does the transaction appear on the blockchain?
07:11 fnb_theory yeah, it does. ZMQ has a counter which increments everytime it receives a tx. I've got some code listening to the TCP stream, but I've noticed that when a block comes into bitcoind, the counter skips a beat. I'm not sure if that is a problem with my code or if this is something that I am not understanding correctly with regards tot ZMQ.
07:11 fnb_theory
07:26 Randolf Do you have some source code that you can share?
07:26 Randolf Or at least the relevant parts...
07:50 fnb_theory not at the moment, maybe a bit later. I think I may have some threads blocking the code reading the tcp stream. Gonna check that out, I just discovered that now.
07:51 Randolf Okay.
07:51 Randolf Good to get that resolved first.
07:51 Randolf Good luck!
07:52 fnb_theory thanks man, shot for your willingness to help!
07:53 Randolf :)
23:17 ProfMac I'm stuck. I have a JSON object Object result; result.push_bask(Pair("answer", 42)); <magic to make it go to debug.log>
23:17 ProfMac I can't seem to invoke write to deal with it at all.