Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/02/01

00:00 gmaxwell I really can't imagine anyone whitenighting and making a fuss that someone was kicked out of gmaxwells-den or whatever.
00:01 midnightmagic I don't know how to reason about whether the invasion-prize would increase traffic more than what you're talking about would mitigate it.
00:02 midnightmagic There used to be an #amiga channel on Undernet which got a reputation as being ultra-difficult to hack due to some cleverly-written bots that monitored it. It became almost a challenge -- and one day it appeared as an actual challenge post in some hacking forum.
00:02 midnightmagic They never saw the end of the attacks.
00:02 gmaxwell I dunno, banning people is _cheap_. cholby or whatever crapflooders hardly hurt at all.
00:02 midnightmagic I agree.
00:02 midnightmagic I almost miss cholby, actually. He'd talk to me in private and have normal conversations about stuff.
00:03 gmaxwell what always been hard is when you ban someone then worthwhile people produce drama because zomg that ban wasn't fair.
01:37 contrapumpkin gmaxwell: assuming you have +r :)
15:16 paulo_ hello
15:16 paulo_ how does bitcoin handle thread safety?
15:16 paulo_ for example, when a block reorg is occurring and a peer sends a block
15:25 wumpus there are various mutexes protecting data structures, in this case you're probably looking for cs_main
15:27 paulo_ wumpus: thanks
15:29 paulo_ what's the formula for work done in a block given a target?