Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/27

00:43 eck presumably you underflowed the stack
00:45 eck gmaxwell: can you explain again the thing you were explaining in here about how commitments could be restructured so that spv nodes wouldn't need the full blockchain to validate transactions?
00:45 eck 2018-01-24 21:15:53 gmaxwell eck: blocks need an additional commitment that gives the height and transaction position for each input of each transaction. They also need an additional commitment to the fees of all transactions and the partial sums of the fees.
00:45 eck ^ that statement
15:39 xabbix The `height` value that I get from getmempoolentry, is that logged by my own node (so all will have the last block height if I just started my node?), or is that something that is passed along from the relaying node?
16:49 xabbix Some more details: When I query for `getmempoolentry` I can see `time` values that occurred before I even started my node for the first time, so I guess that value comes from the node that relayed the tx to my node. However, the `height` value seems to be wrong and looks like it is related to the time I started my node, or to the time that the tx was relayed to my node rather than the original block height that the tx was receive
18:39 BGL - my firewall blocking a packet from the bitcoin core client from exiting the network
18:43 BGL i don't claim to be an expert, but shouldn't the network or client know better than that?
19:40 dganti i need to interact with a bitcoin daemon to access transactions for an account. Which call should i be using?
19:40 dganti thanks.
20:48 eck bitcoin-cli help
23:37 paulo_ given a target, how is the amount of work done in a block calculated?
23:37 paulo_ is it (2^256)/target?
23:41 paulo_ or (2^256 - 1)/target?