Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/26

00:01 kallewoof Overtorment_: ElectrumX is used by a lot of people I think. As for relying on bitcoind, yeah that is okay but RPC interface is kinda slow.
00:07 Overtorment_ kallewoof: thanks mate, looks like electrumX is what I was looking for
07:03 borthion Random question what does "confirmations" in bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress refer to?
07:03 borthion Since there's multiple txids it gives
07:12 bsdnoob how can I find out utxo from my local node?
07:41 eck what do you mean?
19:04 edgasm1 Can You mine a transaction that is not broadcasted (walletbroadcast=0) into a new valid block?
21:16 NachoVil Hello. I was trying to sign a transaction in order p2sh, using the signrawtransaction, but this error pops up "error": "Operation not valid with the current stack size". What does that error mean?
21:18 NachoVil in order to redeem a p2sh*