Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/22

03:59 deego If I "send" btc to an address that doesn't even pass the checksum, do I lose my btc?
05:24 dongcarl Hi all. Working on an init script for FreeBSD here. Wondering if I should use FreeBSD's daemonization mechanisms or Bitcoind's daemonization mechanisms. By that I mean I could have FreeBSD's init system put it in the background and give it a pid file, with bitcoind just being invoked without any flags, or I could invoke bitcoind with the pidfile and daemon flags and not tell FreeBSD's init system
05:24 dongcarl about it.
05:26 dongcarl Looking at existing ones under contrib it seems that people are using bitcoind's daemonization mechanisms, but I just wanted to check.
11:45 rav3nn I'm trying to use zeromq with bitcoind, I can read topic hashtx, but hashblock gives me nothing. But I don't have fully synced node. Will it publish something after full sync ?
14:44 Ymgve looking at the bip173 spec, it claims abcdef1qpzry9x8gf2tvdw0s3jn54khce6mua7lmqqqxw is a valid bech32 encoding, but is it? it seems like it uses 1-bit padding instead of 0-bit padding