Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/21

00:13 Barrett so basically to create a bare bone colored coin I can just create a custom CScript
00:13 Barrett and use it to encode/decode in my custom client
01:10 me1 hi
03:00 mahamoti does anyone know what the first bitcoin block was that had a real transaction in it?
03:05 mahamoti i could find it myself if there was a block explorer that allowed me to lookup a block by its height on the mainchain..
03:05 mahamoti in but i can only click "next block" which prevents me from doing a binary search
03:07 mahamoti oh, I found it...block #181
03:07 mahamoti
03:10 mahamoti this is actually really confusing, because in all previous blocks, there has only been 1 transaction (block reward of 50). however, in block 181 there is a transaction sending 40 from an "unparsed address"
03:11 mahamoti how can there be an unparsed address that only contains 40 btc, if all previous transactions were sending 50 btc to unique addresses
05:06 arubi mahamoti, block 170 is the first. the transaction in 181 redeems 40 btc from the output that paid to it in block 170
05:08 arubi not sure about the "unparsed" part. you can use smartbit, it's a much better explorer
05:22 arubi oh also, these transactions aren't really using p2pkh. they're using p2pk, so the addresses there are actually wrong
05:54 Randolf arubi: That's a lot faster than I like it.
14:38 lopp hi all, I'm looking to collect more links to add to the developer tools section of - are there any you recommend that aren't already listed there or on ?
18:10 Randolf lopp: If it's helpful, please feel free to add a link to this article I wrote last month, which outlines two important rules for handling Private Keys (perhaps it's helpful to open source wallet software developers who want their software to have elements of integrity so as to be "trusted"):
18:10 arubi the link is cut off Randolf
18:11 Randolf
20:45 pincode Hi,Folks! I have some questions about bitcoin dev. I develop web application and I want to understand how to generate bitcoin wallets for users and manage it?
20:46 pincode I have an idea use api for it, but I think I can use it on my side without third-party api, can you explain how can I do this?
20:47 pincode Hey, can you help me anybody?
21:01 Randolf Why rely on a dubious third party like when you can just run your own node and query that directly?
21:03 pincode How many gigabytes I need for storing full-node on my server for btc as an example?
22:31 Randolf Present, Bitcoin is approx. 500 MBs (0.5 GBs). But that's expected to continue to grow over time.
22:32 Randolf So, you'll probably want to provision at least 1 or 2 TBs. Given the low cost of disk space, I'd get 2 TBs now.
22:38 contrapumpkin Randolf: 500MB?
22:58 Randolf Sorry, less than 200 MBs. I did that from memory and thought wrongly.
22:59 Randolf But none-the-less, preferring a 2 TB hard drive will likely be a benefit for you anyway.
23:02 contrapumpkin Randolf: I'm still confused. The blocks for my full node are somewhere between 150GB and 200
23:08 Randolf All the data that your Bitcoin node needs to store is somewhre in the ballpark of 158 GBs to 200 GBs.
23:08 Randolf For your project, you'll want to stay away from pruning.
23:08 contrapumpkin oh, you talking about RAM usage for the UTXOs?
23:08 Randolf Disk space.
23:08 Randolf That's why I'm talking about hard drives.
23:08 contrapumpkin yeah but you're also saying 500MB
23:09 Randolf So? I specified disk space.
23:10 Randolf In your question, you didn't specify whether you were asking about RAM or disk space, so I assumed disk space because that's what people are usually referring to when they don't specify RAM.
23:11 contrapumpkin [16:03:00] <pincode> How many gigabytes I need for storing full-node on my server for btc as an example?
23:11 contrapumpkin that's not my question
23:12 contrapumpkin and the answer is in the ballpark of 170GB
23:12 Randolf Oh, that's right. I wasn't paying attention to the handles. Thank you. However, I still assumed the discussion was about disk space.
23:12 Randolf So, are you thinking that you need 170 GBs of disk space, or 170 GBs of RAM?
23:12 contrapumpkin 170GB of disk space
23:12 Randolf At this time, I agree.
23:12 contrapumpkin today
23:12 contrapumpkin yes
23:12 contrapumpkin so I don't understand what your 500MB was measuring above
23:13 Randolf I haven't run my copy of bitcoind recently, so I didn't know the exact size.
23:13 Randolf I already clarified that: [14:58:42] <Randolf> Sorry, less than 200 MBs. I did that from memory and thought wrongly.
23:14 Randolf So, if you want to argue about 500 MBs, I won't be participating.
23:14 contrapumpkin not arguing, just trying to understand
23:14 Randolf Okay. Well, I clarified already.
23:14 contrapumpkin because your correction after that was again in MB, rather than GB
23:14 Randolf Yeah, thanks. I meant GBs.
23:14 contrapumpkin okay cool
23:15 Randolf I'm not feeling well today.
23:15 contrapumpkin didn't mean to be argumentative, was just trying to figure out if I was missing somehting
23:15 Randolf Kids were sick all day yestreday, and a bit the day before.
23:15 Randolf Sorry, I'm just a bit touchy because I was dealing with idiots in a different channel.
23:15 Randolf You're being clear, and I appreciate that.
23:15 Randolf Wow, what a disaster. Sorry about the confusion.
23:15 Randolf ...and thanks, contrapumpkin, for catching this.
23:16 Randolf contrapumpkin++