Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/20

04:12 mahamoti suppose a block is broadcasted that would fork off a previous block. it seems nodes can't immediately reject this because it might actually be that the fork is longer or becomes longer than what they currently think is longest chain, right?
04:13 mahamoti however, to validate the transactions in that block, since its not coming off the latest tip, they'd have to first get a state snapshot of the accounts of the prior node...
04:13 mahamoti and i would think they dont maintain state snapshots of the entire system account balances at every node. so...does this mean that to validate it, they essentially have to apply every single transaction replayed from the start?
04:14 mahamoti and if so, could this not be used as a DOS attack against nodes?
07:14 kallewoof I don't think nodes validate blocks except the header until the chain would have more work then the current chain.
07:14 kallewoof *than
12:02 GamerSg Im having issues having my transactions confirming after abandontransaction
12:03 GamerSg it seems the network is not propagating transactions because they see it as a double spend
12:03 GamerSg abandoned transaction was RBF enabled
12:05 GamerSg and now im reading that mempool expiry was increased to 2 weeks?? This makes abandontransaction useless
14:43 whatsupboy any one have any experice with haskell towards any bitcoin development or related projects
18:27 nadav__ Hi! Is there a good getting-started document to read as a segway to begin (trying) to contribute to the project?
18:28 arubi what do you want to read about?
18:29 arubi nadav__, did you read ?
19:43 Barrett I'd like to create a colored coin, but without using those big frameworks out there
19:43 Barrett something minimal for research purpose
19:43 Barrett any idea where to start?