Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/18

04:09 jimpo There's a new revision of the client-side filtering BIP (aka. the neutrino BIP). I'd appreciate any review/feedback people have.
07:14 greenbigfrog I need to set up a core wallet on a other VPS then where I want to call the RPC from. Is it secure enough if I just use `rpcallowip=`?
07:15 Sentineo will you have wallet enabled?
07:15 eck why wouldn't you also use rpcauth?
07:17 greenbigfrog Sentineo: yes
07:17 greenbigfrog eck: somehow I missed the existence of rpcauth... thanks
07:18 Sentineo you will need rpcallowip anyways to allow external queries
07:19 greenbigfrog yep
08:39 Krellan Hi, I was noticing unusual ping/pong traffic and it came all from running bitcoinj 0.14.5, anybody else notice?
08:40 Krellan It had connected to my node (Bitcoin Core) multiple times, and just seemed to be spewing ping/pong repeatedly and wastefully, even more than IRC :)
08:44 Sentineo Krellan: I did not see a connection from that IP, sorry
08:45 Krellan Thanks - I wonder if any other nodes running bitcoinj 0.14.5 do that, or if this was just one bug
08:50 Sentineo looked up bitcoinj nodes in the log, but did not see anything suspicious
09:04 kallewoof Is there a point in using OP_CHECKMULTISIG when doing k-of-k? (i.e. all must sign) As opposed to just doing key1 OP_CHECKSIGVERIFY ... keyk OP_CHECKSIG.
17:29 arubi kallewoof, saving up on bytes I guess
22:16 reardencode hmm, I'm super new to bitcoin testnet -- seems like blocks aren't full, and yet I have several transactions that have been sitting unconfirmed for an hour, what gives?
22:17 reardencode ah, I see, because I came in here and asked, they just got a confirmation :-P