Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/17

01:41 weex is there a freenode channel for lightning dev?
02:12 achow101 weex: #lightning-dev
13:59 Sentineo Hello
14:01 Sentineo I have tried and tried, but did not find where nChainWork is actually set for a block in the sources. I see it used all over the place, but not set. I might just not have noticed it, as am looking for an assignment ( nChainWork = something) like part in the source. Could any of you kindly point me to a place nChainWork is calculated?
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Hello and thank you to all good Bitcoin developers for what you do.
17:29 Pritty_Kitty I'm trying to learn the system and build app, but running out of food so hope to cheat alittle and get answers for questions here:
17:29 Pritty_Kitty I have a 0.15.1 node with a "testnet=true" setting. getblocktemplate gives me a template where "txid" and "hash" field are identical for transactions. At least the top ones i looked at in vi editor.
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Should they not be different for SegWit is running on testnet?
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Will i use the "hash" fields to create my witness tree and put root as commit in my coinbase value? Do i put this commit value after the BIP34 blockheight value?
17:33 sturles Try to add '{"rules": ["csv","segwit"]}' to the getblocktemplate call.
19:01 elichai2 is there any chance anyone here has a testnet node with lightning running that can open a channel with me for a quick test?
19:07 Pritty_Kitty thank you sturles i was just getting the template via command line without inputting arguments. Your comment gives me hope.
19:10 Barrett what'd be a clean way to force my bitcoind binaries connect to testnet?
19:10 Barrett without having to specify it in the conf or commandline arguments
19:15 Pritty_Kitty Mr Barret, how can bitcoind know to do that if you refuse to tell it? You must change source code and compile own binaries I think for your question.
19:15 Barrett of course
19:15 Barrett I meant in code
19:16 Barrett I guess calling what -testnet does should be enough.
21:31 recursivebeats Hi all :D
21:33 recursivebeats I'm trying to install Bitcoin Core onto an old laptop and I'm getting an error when trying to create the make file. Does anyone have reasonable Ubuntu knowledge and might be able to point out what I'm doing wrong?
21:36 hsjoberg recursivebeats, what is the error that you are getting? Do you get the error when you run /
21:37 hsjoberg (I think #bitcoin-dev is the wrong channel for this, but I am not aware of any better one, perhaps #bitcoin)
21:38 recursivebeats Hi HSjoberg, thanks for the reply. The autogen goes through fine
21:38 recursivebeats I'm trying to figure out how to pastebin the error
21:39 recursivebeats Sorry for using the wrong channel.
21:39 hsjoberg Right, I think just going to -> New paste should be fine :)
21:39 hsjoberg (moving to #bitcoin)
21:40 recursivebeats
21:44 ggafo Has anyone experimented with lightning networks on the testnet?
21:50 ggafo anyone even here?
21:51 contrapumpkin ggafo: you'll find more people talking about lightning in #lnd and #lightning-dev
21:51 contrapumpkin those channels are full of people experimenting with lightning on testnet
21:52 ggafo @contrapumpkin thank you, I'll check them out
22:14 mahamoti hello room
22:14 mahamoti can anyone help me understand how peer discovery of other nodes works in bitcoin?
22:16 ggafo mahamoti