Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/17

01:41 weex is there a freenode channel for lightning dev?
02:12 achow101 weex: #lightning-dev
13:59 Sentineo Hello
14:01 Sentineo I have tried and tried, but did not find where nChainWork is actually set for a block in the sources. I see it used all over the place, but not set. I might just not have noticed it, as am looking for an assignment ( nChainWork = something) like part in the source. Could any of you kindly point me to a place nChainWork is calculated?
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Hello and thank you to all good Bitcoin developers for what you do.
17:29 Pritty_Kitty I'm trying to learn the system and build app, but running out of food so hope to cheat alittle and get answers for questions here:
17:29 Pritty_Kitty I have a 0.15.1 node with a "testnet=true" setting. getblocktemplate gives me a template where "txid" and "hash" field are identical for transactions. At least the top ones i looked at in vi editor.
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Should they not be different for SegWit is running on testnet?
17:29 Pritty_Kitty Will i use the "hash" fields to create my witness tree and put root as commit in my coinbase value? Do i put this commit value after the BIP34 blockheight value?
17:33 sturles Try to add '{"rules": ["csv","segwit"]}' to the getblocktemplate call.