Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/15

21:13 lopp I'm working on a presentation regarding altcoin airdrops and am compiling a list of best practices for protocol devs: have I missed any?
21:13 lopp 1) change network magic bytes
21:14 lopp 2) Change default p2p ports
21:14 lopp 3) change address formats to prevent wallets from allowing sends to addresses generated for original coin
21:14 lopp 4) wipeout protection at the block height the fork occurs
21:15 lopp 5) strong 2 way replay protection
21:22 Chris_Stewart_5 lopp: DNS seeds? I guess that might just be proof of incompetence though
21:23 lopp good point; I seem to recall some forks not having them and requiring we set IP addresses of peers manually :-P
21:24 Chris_Stewart_5 does WIF use magic bytes? I can't remember
21:37 adiabat lopp: on 5, use the standard (?) forkid sighash thing. Then you can specify a fork with just a uint32
21:38 adiabat different airdrop coins are coming up with their own weird replay changes, like appending text to the end of sighashes
21:39 adiabat having a standard for replay protection will allow for automated mass dumping of the hundreds of different airdrop coins with minimal extra code.
21:39 lopp my fav (opt-in) replay protection was the segwit2x blacklisted P2SH address with known redeem script :-P
21:42 wumpus adiabat: maybe making automated dumping difficult is exactly what they're trying to do :p
21:43 adiabat wumpus: yeah, quite likely. I was looking to code up something to sell "bitcoin diamond" but couldn't figure out if there was any replay protection
21:45 wumpus adiabat: hehe yes, with each new fork I have less motivation to even bother with it at all
21:45 adiabat gold was super easy after I wrote code for cash
21:45 wumpus yes
21:45 adiabat well I also had to write some network code to broadcast the txs since there was no explorer with "push tx"
21:46 wumpus bitcoin-submittx can submit to bch and btg
21:46 adiabat standards might emerge though because they want wallet adoption