Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/14

08:25 notrb Anyone know how satoshi mined the second block at difficulty 1 ?
08:26 notrb I tried a diff reset to 1 and still cant mine
08:37 notrb Anyone?
09:28 notrb Anyone here?
09:29 sdfgsdfg yes
09:29 sdfgsdfg YES
09:29 notrb I have a question
09:29 sdfgsdfg ASK IT
09:29 notrb So satoshi mined the first blocks at difficulty 1 right
09:29 sdfgsdfg YES
09:30 notrb but why can't I do the same
09:30 sdfgsdfg BECAUSE ITS IN THE PAST
09:30 notrb I recompiled bitcoin core
09:30 notrb reset the difficulty to 1
09:30 sdfgsdfg satoshi already mined those blocks, you can't mine them
09:31 sdfgsdfg you can only mine once
09:31 notrb I forked at height 1000
09:31 notrb where diff was still 1
09:31 sdfgsdfg thats the wrong height
09:31 sdfgsdfg try with lower
09:31 notrb when I try getblockchaininfo I see "difficulty": 1,
09:31 sdfgsdfg YES
09:32 notrb which was the same difficulty for block number 2 even
09:32 notrb so if I try ./bitcoin-cli generate 1 100000
09:32 notrb it gives me 0 blocks all the time
09:32 notrb is there a more efficient way of mining?
09:32 sdfgsdfg TRY GENERATE 1 1
09:33 notrb empty array returned
09:33 sdfgsdfg WHY
09:33 notrb Have no idea
09:33 notrb the diff is still 1
09:33 sdfgsdfg THE BEST IS YET TO COME
09:33 notrb and its a quad core CPU
09:34 sdfgsdfg disclose this bug
09:34 sdfgsdfg in github
09:34 notrb lol
09:34 notrb can I use another miner to mine? using the RPC or something maybe
09:40 notrb hello?
09:47 sdfgsdfg wait im off to sushi shop
09:47 sdfgsdfg to grab salmon ikurashi
09:47 sdfgsdfg i will be back if you give me time
09:49 notrb sure thank you
09:54 notrb why does json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds pop up?
09:54 notrb when I try using cpuminer to directly connect?
09:57 notrb it shows this
09:57 notrb tcp6 0 0 :::2300 :::* LISTEN 30916/bitcoin
09:57 notrb isnt that just for ipv6, why doesn't it take ipv4?
10:07 notrb Anyone?
14:39 notrb anyone know how to solomine using bfgminer?
16:09 bsdnoob anyone familiar with golang?
16:14 d3h shapeshift support here?
16:14 d3h 7 days no coins after exchange
16:25 TheCharlatan A lot of Altcoins are also using the Travis SDK located under . Is this is a problem?