Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/12

02:05 S-Nake hi all
02:06 cloudrunner_ hi
05:58 notrb Hey peeps, I'm trying to implement premine functionality into the core bitcoin source
05:58 notrb I just finished learning about the P2P mechanism and I wanted to know if I could mine 99% of the coins beforehand or something
06:01 notrb Anyone?
06:20 notrb Anyone?
12:31 arubi_ re. digital bitbox again, I'm starting to think that it's impossible to load it with entropy and then not provide a bip39 passphrase. this means I can't migrate a wallet to it :(
13:06 tomatopeel anyone aware of any persons/project working full time on a decentralized lightning atomic swap exchange?
13:07 tomatopeel afaia, lightning and cross-chain swaps have both been successfully demo'd on testnets... surely there are people working on building an atomic swap DEX on top of this tech?
14:49 jaromil ahoy, anyone up for working a bit on this weekend? I'd love to see it merged. ping. ping. PING. :^)
15:58 Randolf jaromil: "All checks have failed."
22:09 BladeMcCool any big actor i can ask to mine testnet blocks?