Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/10

00:02 goatchild36 hello
01:46 Chris_Stewart_5 if I wanted to provided the number 1 on the witness stack i would just place 0x1 into it right? No need for OP_1?
01:48 Chris_Stewart_5 an example:
01:48 Chris_Stewart_5 does that look right?
01:48 Chris_Stewart_5 I'm getting an error when trying to parse that as a CScriptNum
01:50 Chris_Stewart_5 the failure is occuring on this line when attempting to parse 0x1 to a CScriptNum
01:50 Chris_Stewart_5
01:50 Chris_Stewart_5 on the BIP98/BIP116 pull request
01:50 Chris_Stewart_5 MAST bips
02:58 kallewoof It works fine on my end. What is the error?
03:00 kallewoof (Example using btcdeb, mbv-taileval branch: ./btcdeb 6b20ccf405c2e3feb92cd03897b2825522dc8a5d18bf88d964e6c1f00c534cca06f752b36d75 6c5188 0000 1)
04:28 kallewoof Chris_Stewart_5: Actually, I am using OP_2 not 0x02, so you probably need to use the opcode.
06:24 DSidH arubi: based on our discussions, wrote a node in Scala (work in progress). Any chance you or someone can review?
06:29 echeveria of course, it’s java so it’s a big folder of opaque binaries.
06:34 DSidH echeveria: was that for me?
06:38 echeveria DSidH: yes.
06:39 DSidH echeveria: its not java.. but Scala
06:40 DSidH this will give more idea of usage
06:53 arubi cool DSidH ! I'm not sure I'm fit to review scala, makes me dizzy :)
06:54 DSidH :) cool. Java makes me dizzy actually. Scala is much like python
06:59 DSidH its a great feeling to run a full node.. its an even better feeling to run your own code :)
08:08 DSidH btw I couldn't have done it without help from the people here.. esp arubi.. thanks a lot
08:09 arubi welcome!
08:10 DSidH anyway I can repay :P
08:24 arubi DSidH, it's cool :) nanos gigantum humeris insidentes
14:43 DSidH in the p2p protocol, is there any way to get blockhash of some old confirmed tx?
17:40 arubi with digital bitbox, when I create a new seed with my own entropy as input and '-raw=true', does the wallet add a passphrase to the bip39 pbkdf ? I can't figure out how it eventually creates the seed
17:43 arubi I tried the passphrase to the device itself but seems like it's not it (or not actually used as the passphrase in ascii). all I want is to figure out how to go from mnemonic -> entropy so I can feed an already active wallet to the dbb