Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/07

00:40 zw_ hello, in debug, updatetip lines have a version tag, what do these refer to
05:06 burtlo i've got a wallet running, but it's frequently maxing out CPU even though my host has 6 cores. can someone explain, or point to more info about, the bitcoind options of "par", and/or help me understand how I can have my wallet run more efficiently?
05:07 burtlo it's supposed to serve a faucet, but the faucet is often unable to get any attention from the wallet because the CPU usage is so high.
06:37 luke-jr burtlo: is it sync'd?
07:10 burtlo well, i _think_ so... it seems to be syncing all the time, by virtue of more and more transactions getting confirmed... is that what you mean?
07:12 burtlo i'm tail-ing the debug.log, and there's a constant stream of activity: connecting, "trying to connect", "Relaying wtx", "Add to wallet", etc...
07:12 echeveria Relaying wtx?
07:12 echeveria you're running bitcoin from like, 2010.
07:13 echeveria that log print literally hasn't existed since 2012, where on earth did you manage to find a client from 6 years ago?
07:13 echeveria burtlo: long story short, the client software you have is uselessly old and won't ever be able to finish syncing.
07:13 burtlo it was given to me
07:14 burtlo 2012 from what i can see.
07:14 echeveria yeah you might not want to take 'gifted' security critical software from half a decade ago :)
07:14 burtlo i _do_ want to bring it up to modern, but i've been working with what i have so far
07:14 echeveria ok, but that version is useless.
07:14 burtlo thanks, echeveria, that's good to know, frankly
07:14 echeveria it literally _can't_ ever finish syncing.
07:15 burtlo #grimace #chuckle #smh
07:19 zw_ hi, i have a log qeustion actually -- whats 'version=...' refer to on new tip lines in debug.log
07:19 burtlo zw_... is that question to me, or just in general?
07:19 zw_ in general
07:21 echeveria well. it's logging the version.
07:21 echeveria this shouldn't be surprising given the label.
07:58 molz zw_, what does it show after "version"?
07:59 zw_ hex maybe
08:00 zw_ version=0x20000000
08:01 echeveria it's the version of the block.
08:01 echeveria again, this is very much in the label.
08:02 zw_ echeveria i don't understand what you're saying
08:02 echeveria ok.
08:02 echeveria it's a field called 'version'.
08:02 echeveria it's printing the version of the block just accepted.
08:03 echeveria just the same as in the name of the field. which is 'version'.
08:06 esotericnonsense echeveria: could you please clarify? you seem to be stating that the version of the block is the version of the block, is that correct?
08:07 echeveria esotericnonsense: depends on what version. in some versions the version is the version, you should be surprised if there's no version.
08:07 zw_ what
08:07 esotericnonsense if only there existed a version number to alert you to these versioning issues
08:08 echeveria maybe in another version.
08:10 echeveria zw_: we're sort of running out of ways of describing this. the log print is literally just the version field in the block, printed out to you.
08:11 esotericnonsense heh
08:11 esotericnonsense the dictionary entry for 'version' I find hilarious for no apparent reason
08:11 esotericnonsense 2. "a form or variant of a type or original"
08:12 esotericnonsense like it's just tautologies all the way down
08:12 zw_ that is funny
08:13 molz "When no soft forks are being signalled, miners should set the block version field to 0x20000000."
08:13 molz
08:14 zw_ nice, thanks molz
08:34 burtlo so, pardon if this is ignorant, but i'm looking at the latest version of the bitcoin project, and i'm wondering if there is a discrete section of the code that deals with the specifics of the bitcoin coin itself. my hope is that it's within a narrow set of source files such that i can transplant what I have been given for this other coin. is this possible? i can't imagine that the specifics of BTC are peppered throughout the proj
08:39 burtlo i see files such as: /src/qt/bitcoinunits.*
08:40 burtlo ...or, if you know of any, docs on how the project is structured?
08:58 echeveria burtlo: what's a bitcoin coin?
09:02 burtlo that's my nomenclature, i guess, in that i call "bitcoin" a coin, as "ethereum" is a coin, and "litecoin", etc... how should i refer to them?
09:03 echeveria you can call anything anything, but it doesn't help if nobody else does.
09:04 echeveria the entire of the codebase is basically a definition of bitcoin.
09:04 burtlo ok, understood
09:05 burtlo i certainly want to speak in kind, so thanks for the education
09:05 echeveria maybe take a look at something like the developer documentation.
09:05 echeveria that'll give you a reasonable idea of a bunch of things. it doesn't sound like you're that familiar with it technically.
09:06 burtlo i'll look again. i read to a point, but it got dense after a while. after reviewing things a bit, it'll be good to try again. thanks.
09:07 echeveria if you have more specific questions I can answer them.
09:09 burtlo thank you. i'll do my best to be more specific.
09:09 burtlo ...and accurate
09:11 echeveria it's not so much accuracy as you asked something that I'm not sure how to parse.
09:12 burtlo kk