Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/06

07:13 dansmith_btc hi, bitcoind's -server flag description is "Accept command line and JSON-RPC commands" . I run my bitcoind WITHOUT -server and yet this is what I see in the logs "HTTP: starting 4 worker threads" Why is that? Is RPC off or not if I run without the -server flag?
07:14 arubi the -server flag is for bitcoin-qt
07:15 arubi so it can talk to bitcoin-cli. bitcoind is -server by default
07:15 arubi (or by definition I guess?)
07:16 arubi oh you could try -server=0 with bitcoind, maybe it'll turn off rpc completely? I haven't tried that. would be weird if it worked
08:31 burtlo i'm pretty sure that worker threads are distinct from rpc threads
12:06 [bsdnoob] What is involved in providing wallet support for companies like trezor?
12:06 [bsdnoob] If you were to build wallet for a bitcoin fork, what libraries you might consider?
12:46 echeveria [bsdnoob]: er, trezor?
13:47 IniGit hi
13:48 IniGit Can somebody tell me what is the state of the lightning network implementation in Bitcoin. Is it to be expected soon? Will it be first integrated in another currency?
13:50 molz IniGit, wrong channel
13:50 IniGit which one?
13:50 molz you can ask in #lightning-dev or #lnd
18:36 DSidH are there any devs working on bitcoin cash?
18:36 DSidH I need help in creating a raw transaction. Here is the tx: -->
18:36 DSidH this is giving error
18:38 Randolf DSidH: Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork from Bitcoin. This channel is about Bitcoin, not Bitcoin Cash. You'll need to ask in a Bitcoin Cash development community.
18:39 DSidH ok makes sense. Its really very poorly documented.. and I thought bitcoin had documentation issues
18:40 DSidH why are people even looking at it. Its a disaster waiting to happe
18:42 Randolf What Bitcoin documentation issues are you referring to?
18:45 DSidH Bitcoin documentation is kind of ok. Im talking about the uahf
19:12 fluffypony Randolf: he's saying Bitcoin Cash is poorly documented
19:23 MashedPotato What would be the downside to halving the block reward and doubling the number of blocks mined between difficulty adjustments? Wouldn't this double mining throughput?
19:24 MashedPotato I guess we'd have to adjust the difficulty adjustment target to 1 block every 5 minutes instead of 1 every 10.
19:24 Randolf fluffypony: Thanks.
20:53 coffeeincodeout_ Hello, can anyone here help me with an error when running make
20:53 coffeeincodeout_ I can provide the link to the stackover flow post
20:54 coffeeincodeout_ with the error
21:05 vkoskiv__ Hey, I'm back
21:05 vkoskiv__ With more dumb PoW questions :D
21:05 coffeeincodeout_ Hello
21:05 vkoskiv__ Hello
21:05 vkoskiv__ So
21:05 coffeeincodeout_ Can anyone here help?
21:05 coffeeincodeout_ I am new to bitcoin core development
21:05 vkoskiv__ I'm implementing a little blockchain from scratch, for fun. I want to do SHA256 PoW, but I'm not really sure how to work with the difficulty
21:06 vkoskiv__ I tried to just look at the number of prefix zeroes, but I understand that's not the optimal way
21:06 coffeeincodeout_ having an error when running make looks like an issue with boost
21:06 vkoskiv__ And the language I use really doesn't support 256 bit integers
21:06 coffeeincodeout_ looks like we both need help lol
21:07 vkoskiv__ Yeah.
21:07 coffeeincodeout_ doesnt seem like anyone is here
21:07 vkoskiv__ I'm not creating an altcoin, just a personal excercise to see if I can implement a functional ledger
21:07 coffeeincodeout_ yeah same I am working off of the mastering bitcoin book
21:07 vkoskiv__ People are here. It's just IRC, so they don't notice right away
21:08 vkoskiv__ I'm just winging it, really
21:08 coffeeincodeout_ its pretty good but man I am stumped on the error
21:08 vkoskiv__ Not following any tutorials
21:08 coffeeincodeout_ that true
21:08 vkoskiv__ Just seeing how BTC works, and loosely basing off that
21:08 coffeeincodeout_ yeah its pretty cool
21:08 vkoskiv__ Pretty neat, one could say.
21:09 coffeeincodeout_ I want to eventually contribute to bitcoin core that would be awesome
21:09 vkoskiv__ Smart fellow, that satoshi dude/gal
21:09 coffeeincodeout_ what lang are you using?
21:09 vkoskiv__ I am using Swift 3
21:09 coffeeincodeout_ Nice I am starting with C++ but found out they have a python library
21:09 vkoskiv__ I actually got a PR merged into the litecoin repo just yesterday
21:10 vkoskiv__ Hello
21:13 coffeeincodeout_ nice
21:13 coffeeincodeout_ dude thats awesome
21:13 coffeeincodeout_ I love litecoin
21:14 coffeeincodeout_ dude can I share my issue with you and if you can help that would be great
21:15 vkoskiv__ Sure
21:16 coffeeincodeout_ I posted it on stack overflow and have the error in a link in my post on pastebin
21:16 coffeeincodeout_
21:19 vkoskiv__ That question already has an answer?
21:20 vkoskiv__ Was asked 2 years ago?
21:21 coffeeincodeout_ what!!
21:21 coffeeincodeout_ where cause I have been searching like crazy!
21:22 coffeeincodeout_ its been 2 days
21:22 vkoskiv__ In the link you just provided.
21:22 vkoskiv__ Scroll down
21:23 coffeeincodeout_ omg bro sorry I sent the wrong link
21:23 vkoskiv__ I figured that was the case
21:23 coffeeincodeout_
21:23 coffeeincodeout_ sorry bro too many windows open
21:26 vkoskiv__ Here is the solution:
21:26 vkoskiv__ I don't know why the upstream in btc doesn't have it?
21:26 vkoskiv__ It should...
21:26 vkoskiv__ Are you sure your repo is up to date?
21:27 coffeeincodeout_ let me check the version I am using one sec
21:29 vkoskiv__ just git pull
21:29 coffeeincodeout_ v0.15.0rc3
21:29 coffeeincodeout_ thats the one I am using
21:30 coffeeincodeout_ I did a git clone
21:30 coffeeincodeout_ then checked the git tag to see the versions and I understood thats the most recent one
21:32 vkoskiv__ Check if that commit is present
21:34 coffeeincodeout_ ohhh how can I do that
21:36 vkoskiv__ git branch --contains 1ec0c0a01c316146434642ab2f14a7367306dbec
21:39 coffeeincodeout_ looks like it doesnt let me start this back over again
21:39 coffeeincodeout_ dude thank you
21:39 vkoskiv__ Got it working?
21:42 coffeeincodeout_ I see what I did wrong I used the release candidate version
21:42 coffeeincodeout_ let me start this over
21:42 coffeeincodeout_ I will let you know
21:42 coffeeincodeout_ brb
22:39 coffeeincodeout_ problem still not solved
22:40 coffeeincodeout_ I am adding const in the functions