Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/04

07:20 arubi molz, that address is invalid :)
07:27 molz ah
14:01 bsdnoob bitcoin rpc works over http right?
14:07 drTrololo good morning bitcoin-dev
14:10 Sentineo bsdnoob: yes
14:27 drTrololo hello,<Sentineo>
14:27 drTrololo how are you?
14:28 drTrololo im noobie here, maybe you know, how me (grapgic designer + UI UX expert + data vosualizator) can help to bitcoin dev?
14:34 Sentineo I am not a dev, so can't tell you
18:46 cd0x23 do bitcoin exchanges run wallet software on servers to process deposits and withdrawals? If so, this means that they have to keep their keys on the servers, therefore making it a risky way to process payments is that correct?
18:47 cd0x23 if the server was breached someday that would put the entire thing to risk, do they have any workarounds for this or is this just how things are done?
18:59 molz cd0x23, ask in #bitcoin
19:00 cd0x23 molz, why though, I feel like it's directly related to bitcoin development
19:01 molz no
19:02 cd0x23 I'm trying to figure out how to setup a secure multi-server environment, and developing an exchange software
19:25 drTrololo molz tnx