Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/03

22:46 arubi heheheh
22:48 Dagronmaster help a clueless noob know why that's funny?
22:48 arubi " Hash 160 01b69b4bacd05f15 "
22:48 arubi silly bc.i and their weird block explorer
22:51 Randolf arubi: Is there some aspect of development that ties into that address that makes it humourous?
22:51 arubi see what not to do when displaying addresses on a website? :)
22:52 arubi I just thought folks here would appreciate this, as there are more people involved in actual dev stuff
23:00 achow101 ... that's not a hash160 !!
23:01 arubi it's from that btctalk thread in the dev forum that was just trashcanned
23:21 molz arubi, that address doesn't exist