Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2018/01/01

04:17 tdrusk Fresh to bitcoin and am playing with regtest. Have 2 nodes, A and B. A connects to B. When I run bitcoin-cli -datadir=a generate 1, B gets the reward. Is that the way it's supposed to work since A is connected to B's node?
05:32 freewil LowKey, are you familiar with docker?
11:23 confusedcoder How can I convert an ECDSA private key, into a WIF key?
11:25 confusedcoder I have 0.65 BTC trapped in an address where I manually created using
11:25 confusedcoder I have the 64 byte ECDSA private key, however when I put that into, I get a WIF that corresponds to a DIFFERENT address
16:13 SopaXorzTaker midnightmagic, thx?
16:14 SopaXorzTaker yup