Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/30

23:15 SmashShock Hey folks. I have a question about how a Bitcoin node handles transactions in the current block it's working on. If it receives multiple transactions with the same UTXO input, how does it know if the multiple transactions combined put the UTXO over the available balance. Does it loop through all transactions in the block each time a new one is added and check? Does it have a secondary UTXO
23:15 SmashShock buffer in mem that has the modified balance for the UTXO, and then pushes those to the actual UTXO buffer after the block is mined?
23:17 SmashShock Right now, my block constructor only allows one TX that has a specific UTXO input. But that's not a good way of doing it. People should be able to make more than one transaction from a specific UTXO per block.