Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/25

04:28 spectra |i think satoshi was a time traveler
04:29 spectra |he left behind a piece of advanced technology from the future - just like Arnold did at the end of Terminator 1
04:32 Randolf spectra|: Someone reported on recently that Satoshi was abducted by space aliens, and that's why nobody has heard from him.
04:32 Randolf The long-and-short of it is that nobody seems to know where he went.
04:32 Randolf ...or who he was.
04:34 spectra |certainly raises lots of questions
04:35 spectra |it's as if he knew how it would all unfold thus far
04:35 spectra |because if you were that guy, you would definitely want to be anonymous
04:35 spectra |(guy/gal/group)
04:35 spectra |is lightning network going to activate soon?
04:36 spectra |BTC has been getting so clogged
04:37 Randolf " if he knew how it would all unfold...?" I think people are reading way too much into it.
04:38 spectra |true we are still at the beginning of the revolution
04:38 spectra |he gave out the alert private key, right?
04:38 spectra |to some other devs
05:00 phantomcircuit Randolf, nah im satoshi
05:04 molz satoshi, hi, please reset testnet3 and put the bugbunny in charge so we can get a block every min :D
05:05 eck and make ppl mine segwit txns on testnet plz
05:05 molz yes ^^
12:01 DSidH arubi: created some more test vectors for RFC6979
12:04 DSidH hmm bad link. Try this one
12:07 echeveria ^ malware
12:08 echeveria nevermind, similar URl to something else in #bitcoin before.
12:24 arubi too much js for me.. I'd love a pastebin of DeterministicK_test_vectors.txt if possible (or a gist)
13:16 DSidH arubi:
13:16 DSidH too large for pastebin
13:18 DSidH would be good if these can be validated by somone else
13:19 DSidH unfortunately message has got some commas, so you need to parse by first comma to get private key and then last comma to get sig
13:20 DSidH (some messages)
13:24 arubi cool, will check a bit later on
13:48 arubi DSidH, so you're passing the raw text to rfc6979? I believe you're supposed to pass the sha256 of it
13:56 arubi setting my stuff to pass the raw message too for now, just to check if we agree on k
14:05 DSidH I used the same vectors from one bitcointal thread
14:06 DSidH Im passing sha256 of the text
14:06 DSidH h1 = sha256(message)
14:08 DSidH arubi: Scala code for the parama
14:09 arubi cool, we have 16 diffs in signatures. I'm setting it mine up to show k
14:12 DSidH def sign(msg:String):String = Hex.encodeBytes(signHash(sha256Bytes2Bytes(msg.getBytes)))
14:12 DSidH this might help
14:15 arubi ah no I'm just adapting my own stuff, will have output soon
14:20 DSidH If needed, I can put k values too
14:22 arubi , lines with '!=' are where we disagree
14:25 DSidH hmm interesting. Let me doublecheck the signing algorithm and print k as well
14:26 arubi ;;calc 14/462
14:26 gribble 0.030303030303
14:28 arubi a lot of times it's some edge case in the numbers that has "this much" chance of happening. I also wouldn't be surprised if it's an issue on my side :)
14:32 DSidH arubi: I had a small bug (should not affect): was not doing h mod q in signing step
14:32 DSidH new test
14:32 DSidH but I noticed some differences in the messages:
14:32 DSidH mine -> The best laid plans of mice and men (often go astray).
14:33 DSidH yours -> The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
14:33 arubi ah, I know what happened then
14:34 arubi I probably removed all parentheses instead of just those wrapping the vector
14:35 arubi trying again
14:41 arubi all passed
14:41 DSidH ty for confirming :)
14:41 arubi yw, always good to have more vectors