Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/20

02:49 Exaeta Did bitcoin cash "steal" part of the bitcoin source code? If so, what part(s)? I'm curious about this allegation and whether there is truth to it.
02:50 AndBobsYourUncle Exaeta, are you familiar with GitHub?
02:50 Exaeta AndBobsYourUncle: yes, I have an account and use it
02:51 AndBobsYourUncle Ok. So you're familiar with what a "fork" is on GitHub?
02:51 Exaeta AndBobsYourUncle: I heard that it was forked, but I don't think it would be "stolen" unless the copyright license was violated.
02:51 phantomcircuit Exaeta, it's 99.99999999% a clone, which the codes license allows for
02:51 AndBobsYourUncle Okay, then it's just semantics you're after
02:51 Exaeta Ok so bitcoin cash did not steal any code. They just forked it.
02:51 Exaeta legally
02:52 Exaeta or was there some license violation?
02:53 buZz hmm, i remember something about bitcoin abc editting copyright notices?
02:53 buZz but it was fixed eventually i think
02:53 Syde there was no violation. Pretty much every alt coin out there has heritage in bitcoin core code
02:53 AndBobsYourUncle I believe you most likely heard someone say the code was stolen, when they meant it was forked.
02:54 Exaeta AndBobsYourUncle: yes
02:54 Exaeta AndBobsYourUncle: and this person was banning people from #bitcoin for saying that bitcoin cash was not stolen or something
02:54 AndBobsYourUncle Or perhaps they meant this definition of "steal": "dishonestly pass off (another person's ideas) as one's own"
02:54 AndBobsYourUncle Or "an idea taken from another work"
02:55 AndBobsYourUncle Words are funny things.
02:57 cncr04s core devs need to help us fight this bcash menace, if they keep being lax they will win
03:00 Exaeta cncr04s: Fighting bitcoin cash is against the spirit of open source
03:08 deego Exaeta: you think bitcoin cash is a open source project and seem to think it's community based. you ignore, at your own peril, that it's a shill project with no community support. Put your money where your mouth is, and go all in on bitcoin cash. Prepare to be surprised
08:01 deego Is it safe to delete mempool.dat (temporarily) when the core client is stopped. I assume the client will recreate it as needed?
08:01 deego (2) does it contain any sensitive information?
08:01 Sentineo it is safe
08:01 Sentineo just the old mempool txes
08:03 deego ah, thanks Sentineo
08:03 deego btw, i don't need to keep it secure, right? no personal information, right?
08:04 Sentineo right
08:04 deego ty
08:04 Sentineo the only thing you need to keep secure is wallet.dat
08:05 deego excellent, thanks again
08:05 Sentineo np
09:04 dabura667 Anyone try setting up libbitcoin-server to serve an old DarkWallet client? I have a guy that needs to get his coins out, and I've decided to set a server up... I'm guessing once I get fully synced with the blockchain I just need to enter the server's IP address into the DarkWallet client?... if anyone has any knowledge let me know, thanks.
09:12 Sentineo hm maybe try with the dash folks, it used to be darkwallet
10:55 Bethoven1 Hi, some on who can help send me some btc to 18K9LfYqoCBkpnVZRodkfRtZCxRqYr12rm
14:08 molz Sentineo, darkwallet has nothing to do with dash
14:12 wumpus darkwallet was Amir's project to build a private wallet for bitcoin, but as far as I know development was suddenly abandoned at some point, while still in beta
14:13 wumpus that doesn't really help setting it up unfortuantely; I never managed to do so, lots and lots of dependencies
14:13 wumpus might be less work to figure out how the wallet format works and import the private keys into something else
14:28 Sentineo ah sorry hm I always though so. Thanks molz & wumpus !
15:15 ren0v0 Hey, how do i see transaction size in bitcoin-qt ? Fee section says "warning fee estimation is currently not possible", so i need to know the TX size to calculate it properly right? I already have one stuck transaction
15:17 Sentineo let me startup my qt
15:17 Sentineo will tell you
15:17 ren0v0 Sentineo, cheers
15:17 ren0v0 just took me 4hours to sync 10 days :D
15:17 Sentineo ren0v0: so you go to the transactions tab and right click on it -> pick show details
15:18 Sentineo 'show transaction details' it is
15:18 Sentineo is shows the size at the end
15:18 ren0v0 I'm talking about a new transaction though, I need to know what fee to put in
15:19 ren0v0 all these sites for fee calculations say something like 650 sat/B, but how do i know the size of my intended transaction?
15:20 Sentineo well for a new one I usually disable broadcasting txes
15:20 Sentineo and double check
15:20 Sentineo in that case the tx is in the transactions and I check it
15:20 Sentineo or use RPC
15:20 ren0v0 :O
15:21 ren0v0 that isn't very user friendly :D
15:21 ren0v0 Any idea why the fee estimation feature is broken ?
15:21 Sentineo but tell me
15:21 Sentineo why do you need to know the size if you are setting up the tx fee in sat/B?
15:21 Sentineo it is per byte, so whatever your size is, it does not matter
15:23 ren0v0 hmm, that's a good point :D
15:24 Sentineo so perhpas that is why it is not shown :P - although I agree would be nice to see it like some other wallet show the size
15:24 ren0v0 so if these calculators say 655 sat/B, thats 0.00000655 right, and 0.00655000 /kB ?
15:25 Sentineo yes
15:25 Sentineo 1kB = 1000B
15:25 ren0v0 just seems scary, as i dont know the size of the TX
15:25 Sentineo and 1 sat = 10e-8 Btc
15:25 ren0v0 what is a typical TX size?
15:25 Sentineo depends from your inputs
15:25 Sentineo 300B would be a bigger one
15:25 ren0v0 even if this was 1kB thats $110 :D
15:25 ren0v0 ok
15:26 Sentineo do not roget to check RBF
15:26 ren0v0 so, now i have to hope the price goes back to 17,300 because i purchase the coins to pay this invoice at that price :D
15:26 ren0v0 and, no idea where my btc is that i sent with too low a fee :D
15:27 ren0v0 RBF?
15:27 Sentineo request replace by fee
15:27 ren0v0 ah i read about this actually, problem is the TX was for a bitpay invoice which has now expired
15:27 Sentineo you can increase the fee later if you want it pushed
17:09 cluelessperson SopaXorzTaker is requesting to be unquietted in here.
17:09 cluelessperson not sure who would handle that. /over
19:44 nikitasius folks, where i can get some free bitcoins on testnet? Need 1+1 BTC on 2 addresses. (testnet!)
19:45 arubi google bitcoin testnet faucet. there are a few
19:45 nikitasius arubi: already googled. they send 1.3, 0.8 0.2 etc.
19:46 arubi you can send 1.0 back to yourself, or you could post your addresses
19:46 nikitasius yep.. i was thinking about this too. well.. wanted to work with round numbers mostly :) but okay :)
19:47 arubi well, it won't stay a round number for very long
19:47 arubi just treat the number as discrete satoshis
19:47 arubi so 0.2 is 20 million satoshis, no problem right :)
19:50 nikitasius :)
19:51 nikitasius anyway it;s more friendly that ETH (in eth they are in hex)
19:52 arubi anywhere it matters, amounts are in hex in bitcoin too
19:52 arubi they're also constant length
19:52 nikitasius RPC return in "float"
19:53 arubi in wallets and such, it's in decimals
19:53 nikitasius yep, decimals i mean :)
19:53 arubi json doesn't care :)
19:53 arubi rpc, gui wallets, websites.. right, all use that
19:53 nikitasius i parse with gson and in ETH all in "text"
19:54 nikitasius well.. i will wait confirmation for my TX and group all in single
19:54 arubi well, hopefully you'll multiply everything by 100000000 before doing any balance stuff :)
20:10 nikitasius arubi: yep. and i use BigDecimal (in case of Java)