Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/18

09:47 wumpus molz: cool, thanks for letting me know
12:19 gielbier Is the release schedule for 0.16 still for 2018-05-01? It would be nice to have
12:23 wumpus I agree, though let's first worry about getting 11403 merged, and fixing the remaining issues, a over-hasted release would help noone
12:29 gielbier Yeah, agreed. I'm just testing 11403 a bit and like what i am seeing. :)
12:36 wumpus but indeed also in the IRC meetings we've been discussing doing the 0.16 release early because of segwit wallet
14:31 LowKey Hi guys, I need assistance on my project crypto . I'm getting error during test cases as here : . Anyone can assist me on this ?
17:04 ne0futur one question about
17:04 ne0futur why "Unable to decode output address" ?
17:04 ne0futur is this normal ?
17:04 arubi it is for bc.i :)
17:05 arubi it's just the witness commitment. pretty much all blocks have those
17:11 ne0futur ok, thanks
17:11 molz arubi, is this site better?
17:12 molz it says "nulldata"
17:23 ne0futur molz: indeed "nulldata2 seems a better word than "error" imo
17:25 molz ok, i was wondering if it's the right term
17:26 gielbier It should even be better if it could see the diff between opreturn nulldata, segwitcommitment en rootstockcommitment.
17:27 gielbier for example block 470000
17:34 arubi molz yea smartbit is a lot better. there's nothing much to show for that witness commitment. it's some pre-defined prefix and then a hash
17:35 molz arubi, smartbit's still not ready for bech32 though and i don't know who's running it to talk to
17:35 arubi ah, I see