Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/17

00:02 buZz hmmm, hey, what if IBD wasnt blocking, and would start with the -newest- block instead of the oldest
00:02 buZz could that work?
00:02 buZz wait, no, i already see why not
00:02 buZz dangit
04:11 jb55 progress on bcalc tool I'm working on:
04:11 jb55 output is msats, going to implement output formatting
07:03 DSidH when stopping, does bitcoind write only the header of the last block to its local database? The last file always only has a block header in the end, not the complete block
07:16 DSidH nvm: was a bug in my code. Please ignore above question
07:26 jb55 btc unit calculator done!
12:52 wumpus DSidH: yea that definitely would have been a bug if true
14:25 DSidH wumpus: Though it does store zeroed bytes after the last block. My parser was not checking the magic bytes..
14:25 wumpus DSidH: right, it does that to pre-allocate space, in some cases that is more efficient than appending to files
15:58 nkuttler can somebody here replesnish my tbtc faucet? if i don't decrease the payouts i'll run out of coins in ~1 week mnAYb4w1Tu7rirs4HQMU4VZADnrrA6Rzho
15:59 nkuttler i currently pay out something between 3 and 6, so decreasing is not a problem either
16:30 molz nkuttler, how many do you need?
16:31 nkuttler molz: i currently pay out something like 200-300 per day
16:41 wumpus 200-300? heh that's all the testnet coins I have. But if you give me a bechs32 address I'll send some, that's what I'm testing at the moment.
17:06 arubi_ sent some of mine too
17:08 nkuttler wumpus: 2N1xu29hkDDkwbgtqSxFRJHkMfE8bWe4Ukc
17:09 nkuttler arubi: ty
17:09 nkuttler i've also decresased the payout, 0.9-1.9 now, should last a little longer
17:11 wumpus right, small amounts are as good for testing as large numbers
17:16 molz nkuttler, 200 sent
17:16 molz i'm using a lot testcoins too and so do LN testers
17:17 molz i'm trying to bug a testnet miner who has his test coins locked up in his phone :D
17:30 nkuttler molz: haha. thank you
17:45 molz wumpus, i've been testing bech32 on testnet with core wallet and LND wallet, works great :D