Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/15

11:21 DSidH I am having trouble parsing the bitcoind blockchain files. This is from block 000000000000000000daf7a26d903543377d5cdddb962077e58fd11212479eea
11:21 DSidH is there anything special about this block?
11:22 DSidH I am using the following structure 4 | 4 | 80 | TxData | 4 | 4 | 80 | TxData | 4 | 4 | 80 | TxData | ...
11:23 DSidH and then passing the raw bytes to bitcoinj to deserialize the block
11:23 DSidH but it fails on this block with error: org.bitcoinj.core.ProtocolException: Claimed byte array length too large: 1076182423
11:28 DSidH It seems its related to segwit. Can anyone point me to how I can solve this. I don't mind writing the tx parser myself
11:29 arubi they do have a segwit branch on github, did you try that?
11:31 DSidH @arubi Checking that but its still under development
11:31 DSidH I think best would be to parse the tx myself. Just need some validation that the block encoding is same and only the tx structure is updated
11:31 arubi yes it's only the transactions
11:32 arubi the header is the same
11:32 DSidH ok thanks. I'll report back.
11:32 DSidH using the above link a reference
11:33 arubi DSidH,
11:33 DSidH arubi: thanks
15:38 DSidH For segwit:The marker MUST be 0x00. The flag MUST be 0x01 (from )
15:39 DSidH while says flag should be non-zero
15:39 DSidH which is correct?
18:56 AndBobsYourUncle Hey guys. Any tips on where to point me for an iOS SDK for building a Bitcoin wallet?
19:02 AndBobsYourUncle Guessing oleganza/CoreBitcoin.
22:02 AndBobsYourUncle Well, oleganza/CoreBitcoin is out. After getting it to successfully store a generated pass phrase in the keychain, and generating the first HD address... it's not SegWit.
22:02 AndBobsYourUncle Anyone know of any iOS libraries that could be used to generate SegWit addresses/transactions?