Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/14

03:40 rusty So... should a wallet (in this case c-lightning) permit any version segwit address for withdrawls? Currently we support only v0, and check that length is 20 or 32 bytes. One could argue it's none of our business where they're sending funds, and we should drop all checks. Or one could argue that giving users that footgun is dangerous.
03:40 rusty I get this odd feeling I asked sipa this before, but I can't remember answer if so.
09:26 eck rusty: what's the argument for trying to restrict it?
09:26 rusty eck: sanity check, really.
11:02 Cu5tosLimen hi
11:03 Cu5tosLimen is there some standard web api for etc?
11:03 Cu5tosLimen I want to read addresses balances from java
11:03 Cu5tosLimen and I'm not sure using bitcoinj spv chain is ideal for this if I want random addresses
13:04 contrapumpkin is there a new #bitcoin-dev where more actual core dev happens?
13:04 contrapumpkin I remember back when this channel used to be fairly active
13:11 Sentineo there is
13:12 contrapumpkin am I going to have to ask another question to find out what it is? :)
13:13 Sentineo :) whoising me would be enough ... bitcoin-core-dev is what you seek probably
13:13 contrapumpkin this server doesn't show channels in whois that you're not also in, alas
13:13 contrapumpkin so I only see the channels I share with you
13:13 contrapumpkin thanks though!
13:14 Sentineo ah ok, good to know. Sorry was not helpful at the beginning ...
13:14 contrapumpkin np :)
13:15 Sentineo but it must show channels, that is how I found out about it
13:15 contrapumpkin no idea :) never seen that behavior on freenode
13:16 Sentineo perhaps the person was not cloacked
13:16 contrapumpkin oh maybe it's a user mode to hide channels, and most people just set it by default
13:35 molz Sentineo, to find channels of topic "bitcoin": /msg alis list bitcoin , not /whois, but anyways, this is offtopic for this channel