Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/11

08:34 fnb_theory How many concurrent RPC calls can be made to 0.15.1?
09:16 keymone what is the advantage of utxo versus atomically updating the account balance in some kv store?
15:02 nazarewk where does the 25 number come from in address validation code?
15:03 nazarewk my testnet generated 26 characters length address using this code
15:03 nazarewk 2MuvXMuF6PYxQCwSQJL5QVpxT7yzRuZxobi
15:49 ponzibanker Is the chainstate updated after the transaction is created and validated by a full node or after a new block is validated by a full node?
15:54 SmashShock Hey dudes. Say I'm a miner, and I want to include a transaction in my block (200000), say, 200BTC from A->B. A got bitcoin from C back in block 5, and I need to verify that A still has that bitcoin to spend, to send to B. How on earth do miners so quickly check all previous blocks to verify transactions?
15:54 SmashShock Cheers!
17:26 keymone SmashShock: i imagine miners do a full sync and then just trust the utxo set
17:49 garit Hi, what should i google to find a part of bit coin wallet that keeps sending a transaction to the network(even if transaction has almost zero fee). Does it exist? Does transaction get sent more than once?
17:50 arubi they could be retried, yes. you can run with -walletbroadcast=0 so it won't unless you specifically run "sendrawtransaction <tx hex>"
17:51 arubi if you're talking about core that is :)
17:51 garit Yes core. I want to point to a place/key that shows that core by default resends tx
17:51 garit walletbroadcast=0 might do, googling
17:52 arubi alright
17:53 garit Does =1 make 1 broadcast event, or many?
17:54 arubi =1 is the default which means the wallet broadcasts transactions, and will retry if needed
17:55 garit yes, that's what i wanted, thank you!
17:55 arubi cheers
17:57 white_magic hi, does anyone here pull their balances from exchanges using the APIs?
17:57 arubi *shudder*
18:00 white_magic ?
18:04 arubi white_magic, joking about keeping anything on an exchange. 'no' from me for you question
19:49 garit Is there any data available for total amount of transactions issued everywhere to determine % that ends up discarded(due to fee) or included in a block?
19:50 arubi not anything coherent. eventually it's what the local node hears about. some block explorers list unconfirmed transactions that got relayed to them, or from them
19:52 garit Is there any estimate on all tx to confirmed tx? Even some local data would be good
19:53 arubi I don't know of one. I expect almost all transactions to make it into a block at some point. a 1/sat byte fee tx of mine took one month to confirm (with me retrying), but it did eventually
19:54 garit but most tx with unconfirmed period longer than a week got substituted by a higher fee to avoid uncertainty. this will make many tx obsolete by the time it is ready to be included in a block, i guess
19:55 arubi well, that's why you shouldn't search for a payment by the txid. use the address that was supposed to get paid